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Company Profile

Shenzhen Rose Trading Co., Ltd. founded in 1998, Shenzhen Rose Trading Co.Ltd,  with new style designs and good quality, our products have won high praise and credibility from customers for 20 years.
We have ourown factory and professional sales team, to provide efficiency service and qualified product to customers.
we do our best to not only retain, satisfy and support old customers but also to find ways of attracting new long-term business partners.
With competitive prices, good-quality products, and professional services, we believe that we will set up mutually beneficial business relationship with your esteemed firm.
Warmly welcome to contact us and visit our company in the nearest future!



Management Idea

Grateful users: the user is our forever companion
1、Respect and understand the user
2、In the heart of the user, each of us represents yangge
3、Our 1% error is a 100% loss for the user
4、The most important criterion for our success is customer satisfaction
5、Grow with the user and let yangge be perfect in win-win

Achievement employees: employees are the wealth of the enterprise
1、Talent is the first wealth in yangge, employee intellectual resources is the treasure of the enterprise
2、Good at mining,become to the enterprisechr(34)s wealth, employees can realize the maximization of self-worth
3、Talent is near us, enterprises should be good at finding talents, training talents, using talents
4、We are not lack of talent, but the lack of the way to find talent
5、Enterprises should not only be good at finding talents, but also be tolerant of others
6、Develop the potential of each employee

Share and bear : celebrate the victory together, save the failure together
1、To be actively integrate into the team, willing to accept the help of colleagues, and cooperate with the team to complete the work
2、Before the decision, actively publish constructive comments, and fully participate in team discussions, regardless of whether or not individual objections, we must fully support the decision from words and deeds after the results
3、Share business knowledge and experience actively;give the necessary help to colleagues; good use of team strength to solve problems and difficulties
4、Good at working with different personality colleagues, can not use personal emotion to perform the work
5、Have a sense of ownership, positive impact on the team, improve team morale and atmosphere

Accept change: learn to change, brave, innovate
1、Adapt and donchr(34)t complain about the daily change of the company
2、In the face of change, rational treatment, full communication, sincere cooperation
3、The difficulties and setbacks arising from the change, can self-regulation, and positive impact and promote colleagues
4、Proactive in work, establish new methods and new ideas
5、Create change and bring about a breakthrough in performance

Adhere to the spirit: professional and persistent, the pursuit of perfection
1、Professional can be reflected in yange peoplechr(34)s occupation
2、Professional staff - continuous learning
3、Professional spirit - the pursuit of perfection
4、The pursuit of perfection: focus, single-minded, persist in the end

Quick response: simple and flexible, efficient and timely
1、To improve customer service level, that is use the right goods to respond to consumer demand in the right time and correct place.
2、Follow but do not be constrained by the process, reduce the complexity of the process, increase the simplicity and flexibility of business processes
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